Three million Page Views a Year

At present our combined sites are recording about three million page views a year. This compares with a fruitcake site that shall be nameless of 365 page views a year, which is the minimum amount that can record. Anything less than would need an electron microscope. Statshow laconically mentions with a yawn that fruitcake does not appear to be very popular. Fruitcake hates Cartan geometry and hates the march of ideas, but cannot do anything about it. So we digest fruitcake, not worth yawning about. That great geometer, Prof. Sir Iawn Richard (Richard the Yawn), may be able to refute Cartan after a hundred years, but I think he will land up in the Seine like Clouseau and the inflatable Quasimodo disguise. The authors of fruitcake use Clouseau’s Swedish fisherman disguise, complete with inflatable parrot, trained to follow my blog to infinity, and easily recognizable. Hello Inspector Clouseau. It is rumoured that Sir Iawn the Right has floated out to sea in the dirty waters of the Seine. With scientists like this who needs Prof. Balls of Nice?

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