Pace of Centuries

It took me ten years (1971 to 1981) to produce my first century (hundred papers and books) as can be seen on the Omnia Opera on, then five years to produce my second century (1981 to 1986) and four years to produce my third century (1986 – 1990), three years to produce my fourth century (1990 – 1993), six years to produce my fifth century (1993 – 1999). From 2003 to present another four centuries have been produced in English and about three centuries in Spanish. It has taken three years to produce the hundred papers and books of ECE2 theory (UFT313 to UFT413). All these papers and books are being consulted in all the best universities in the world and in all the countries of the world. The reason why ECE is so spectacularly successful is that it is Cartan geometry itself, and geometry is capable of infinite variation. In natural philosophy this must always be controlled by comparison with experimental data. Anything else is anthropomorphic, beery subjectivity in the dark recesses of Bacon’s Cave.

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