My Petitions for Three Welsh medium schools in Mawr Gaining Support

My two international petitions for three Welsh medium schools in Mawr are gaining support. This is intended to counter the disaster left by Ioan Richard, during whose tenure Mawr has been almost completely anglicised, a wasteland in which the Welsh language has been murdered. Richard is well known for using abusive language, for example against myself, but against many others throughout Wales. On the one occasion that he stood for election to Parliament he came last, and faded into oblivion. His Mawr Community Council was severely reprimanded twice by the Audit Office of the Welsh Assembly. This is utterly disgraceful and at that point I decided to have no further contact with him. The Mawr Development Trust went bankrupt. Many people have complained bitterly about him to me as Armiger or Squire, including three councillors. Armiger is the Latin for Squire. The Council was first reprimanded in 2011 and again in 2015. As a result there has been a complete collapse in confidence among the silent majority. It is felt that the Mawr Community Council should be wound up. Several of the people I have spoken to expressed relief that Richard finally resigned, resigned or retired makes no difference, he is finally gone. I have known some of these people all my life, all put in a bad word for Richard. He has not commented on the fact that my car was subjected to severe criminal damage amounting to several hundred pounds, that I have been threatened with physical violence, and that the police made a house to house investigation. He has not commented on the fact that I was sent a hate mail letter investigated by the Neath Hate Crime Unit. Any real County Councillor would have been seriously concerned. I mentioned this in a Lands Tribunal to the Tribunal Judge, who asked when this incident occurred. The Judge was clearly angry. Richard turned up at the Tribunal for some reason and was asked by my barrister what he had against me. Under oath, he denied having anything against me, but his various postings reek with egregious malice and began well before the Tribunal. A high level police investigation has been ordered by the Commissioner for South Wales into a hate blog to which Richard contributes. This hate blog contains many instances of gross insults, defamation, ethnic hate crime against the People of Wales, cyberbullying, threats, documented death threats, multiple theft of postings, and so on. Is this the way for a former Mayor of Swansea to behave? For many years noone would have him as Mayor. Richard sometimes describes me childishly as “Moron”, as if we are still in the playground. Many of us find this this grossly offensive to Crown and Parliament, so does every decent person in Mawr. Richard is grossly distortionist, and forgets all my work against wind turbines. He was ineffective and completely failed to stop them. In one strange posting he ranted about the Mawr Community Council being bedevilled by hecklers, allowed by the then Chair who seems to have been a friend of Evans (that’s me apparently) and it had become a shouting shop doing nothing. This made me fall off my chair in laughter. The truth is that he resigned from the Community Council because there was such intense outrage at his plans for thirty houses which would have totally destroyed what is left of the Welsh language. In the Lands Tribunal he bowed his head before the Judge. My eight years of dangerous voluntary work in clearing bike vandals is not mentioned, and I never saw him in any position of danger out on Gelliwastad. In fact most of Mawr never saw him at all. My work in getting cars off pavements is not mentioned. So he had no credibility left as a Councillor and finally evaporated. At one point he started to communicate with us at AIAS / UPITEC via Stephen Crothers in Australia, with pseudonym “The Mole”. Another of his pseudonyms was “Y Dyn Gwyrdd”, “The Green Man”. That is a perfect rendering of envy and bile, van Gogh could not have done better. This is all rather odd, many people find him rather odd. The Ombudsman agreed with me that his language is more than regrettable, and after being criticised heavily, he finally retired. On another occasion he criticised a letter by Dr. Shah which stated that I am in perfect health, claiming that Shah’s accidental omission of a date indicated a conspiracy with the Devil. I needed this letter for an Employment Tribunal case in which I was awarded considerable compensation. Last year  (2017) I was again found to be in perfect health by a PIP interviewer, and fortunately have always been in perfect health. Ioan Richard did nothing for Mawr in forty years. My family has been here since Tudor times and built up this village to a high level of culture: the Jones, Hopkin, Havard and Newlands families. I won my objection at the Land Tribunal by proving that Ellis Williams made a false statement of truth under oath. My case was an objection, not a land claim. The Tribunal found that the garage was built on an unadopted highway and was never gifted to my very good and life long friend Cen Williams. I found a 1917 map which showed that the land upon which it was built was part of the Newlands Estate, not any other Estate. This is just a short note to start to put the record straight. There are so many distortions that they would waste my time as the world’s most prolific scientist. In the immortal words of Oscar Wilde, Richard is summed up as follows: “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about ” Long may the silence last.

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