413(8): Coordinate Transform Proof of Precession and Shrinking

This is a simple proof that the coordinate (1) produces a precessing and shrinking orbit as t goes to infinity. The modifications in Kepler’s three laws are discussed. As the angular velocity of the orbit goes to infinity the distance between m and M decreases to zero. In fact this is very well known. It is also well known that the dependence of phi on t must increase monotonically as in Eq. (1) (Marion and Thornton, “Classical Dynamics”, third edition, chapter seven). The ECE theory explains the precession of the S2 star through equation (13). The Einstein theory fails by an order of magnitude to explain the precession of the S2 star. This drastic EXPERIMENTAL failure of the Einstein theory is again very well known to leading astronomers, and the Einstein theory has been abandoned by astronomers independent of AIAS / UPITEC. This means that black hole theory, Big Bang, gravitational radiation, claims to magical precision and so on have been abandoned, although the propaganda is still blasted out to a general public that does not have the technical ability to understand anything at all about EGR. The ECE theory is widely seen among the professional colleagues to be the successor to Einsteinian general relativity. This is shown objectively by fourteen years of very detailed scientometrics of high accuracy.


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