Note 413(7): Vacuum Force from Frame Rotation

In this final note for UFT413 it is shown that the de Sitter type frame rotation (2) produces the vacuum force (5) as part of the underlying Cartan torsion, whose orbital part can be expressed as the total force (4). Using the same concepts as used in the well known Lamb shift theory, the modulus of the spin connection can be expressed as Eq. (12), in which the isotropically averaged vacuum fluctuation of position is developed in terms of the angular velocity of frame rotation. This spin connection produces the precessing ellipse (15) and the precession (16). The precession of the S2 star is explained by Eq. (16) by the product of the time T taken for one orbit and the angular velocity of frame rotation omega sub 1. The Einsteinian general relativity fails completely to describe the S2 star, by an entire order of magnitude, so the twentieth century dogma in general relativity has collapsed completely, to be replaced by plausible theories such as ECE and ECE2. In Alwyn van der Merwe’s memorable description, this is “the post Einsteinian paradigm shift”, the new twenty first century enlightenment. “No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right, a single experiment can prove me wrong.” (Albert Einstein). There are now several experiments which prove him wrong, notably the S2 star system and the velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy. He has been proven wrong in nearly a hundred different ways in the UFT series on The dogmatists mindlessly block progress by ignoring it.


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