Daily Weblogs Report 27/8/18

The equivalent of 356,281 printed pages was downloaded (1.299 gigabytes) from 2,755 downloaded memory files (hits) and 586 distinct visits each averaging 3. memory pages and 8 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio 129.32, top referrals total 2,496.815, 48% spiders mainly from Baidu, Google, MSN and Yahoo. Universite Catholique de Liege Potentiul Waves; City of Winnipeg UFT142; Apple Inc. spidering; Wolfram Inc. cross links; University of California Los Angeles UFT239; Government of Mexico Committee for the Prevention of Conflict of Interest (INAOEP) LCR Resonant; University of Edinburgh spidering. Intenhse interest all sectors, webalizer file attached.


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