Legacy of Roger Penrose and Stephen Hawking

These were the sixties wizz kids in physics and clashed immediately with Fred Hoyle in a supermassive inelastic collision. As a result Hoyle left Cambridge in a towering rage and moved to Cardiff. Hoyle thought that Big Bang is complete nonsense, so did Einstein and so do all the members of the ECE School, hundreds of thousands of them, if not millions. Things are looking pretty dippy for the standard model now, it is facing a major challenge from ECE and ECE2 and is unable to reply rationally to that most rational of subjects, geometry. ECE is Cartan geometry combined with simple hypotheses to turn geometry into physics. Peter Higgs’ boson and electroweak theory were shredded in UFT225 by Horst and myself, and was shredded by the work of Vigier and myself on B(3) and boson mass a long time ago. ECE is a perfect theory, based on a perfect geometry, that of Elie Cartan and his colleagues. The B(3) field has been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize, and the dogmatists face the ghastly spectre of ECE being nominated too, or even worse, a Nobel Prize being awarded to B(3). That would eat into their funding and what is left of their credibility – next to nothing. Heisenberg indeterminacy is also looking seasick in the sea change. Progress and enlightenment is always accompanied by fringe nutters and mediocrities suffering indigestion grade one, they are always afraid of coming out into the open because they would be up against Cartan’s rigorous and beautiful geometry. The Greeks thought, indeed, that geometry is perfect beauty, and so did Kepler. Ubi materia ibi geometria, where there is matter there is geometry. I tried many times to correspond with Hawking, but he never replied. The Big Bang theory is refuted completely by ECE and in many other ways. In its time it was like the Beatles. ECE explains why Hawking radiation was never found, it cannot exist, neither can black holes. Of course I admired Hawking’s long fight against his terrible disability. I have corresponded with Penrose, who is more open to new ideas. Penrose has never criticized ECE, which has also been accepted by Sean Carroll and Alwyn van der Merwe, two great physicists of the late twentieth century, and by many very capable people like Horst Eckardt and Douglas Lindstrom who know the theory in all detail. No one is going to listen to anonymous trolls with no technical ability at all. It is hardly possible to reject ECE without mangling the geometry. The Einstein theory has been shredded completely by the discovery of the S2 star system – shredded by data. So the entire twentieth century in general relativity has collapsed, to be replaced by the ECE phenomenon of millions of readers. I am not fixated by the overblown Nobel Prize, the Civil List Pension is in fact a higher honour, the second most exclusive club in Britain. However, ECE should be awarded a Nobel Prize because of its well proven, hyperbole defying, impact and because it has been tested against experimental data. So the fabric of establishment physics is under the microscope. Can it judge fairly, or is it a club so exclusive that it has no members left?

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