Hansard Written Answer of 2013

This is online and explained that there were 53 Civil List Pensioners in 2013, and that it is a personal award given by the Queen as a token of her gratitude for services to the arts, literature and sciences. It is given on Prime Ministerial advice. It is sometimes accompanied by an O. M. or C. H. The Civil List Pension is much older than the O. M. or C. H. Roger Penrose is an O. M. and the late Stephen Hawking was a C. H. Paul Dirac was an O. M. The three national awards are the highest that can be bestowed in the sciences. They are senior to any academic honour such as an F. R. S. or a Nobel Prize. The membership of the Order of Merit is limited to twenty four and is given by the Sovereign without ministerial advice. The C. H. was meant to extend the O. M. Rayleigh, Kelvin, Rutherford, J. J. Thomson, W. H. Bragg, Eddington, J. H. Jeans, Sir Robert Robinson, Bertrand Russell, Cockroft, Hinshelwood, Dorothy Hodgkin, Blackett, Dirac, Todd, Medawar, Atiyah, Sanger, Perutz, Porter, Penrose, Klug, Berners-Lee and Rees were or are O. M. s. Higgs is currently a C. H.

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