Major Problems for EGR

Prior to 2003 I accepted EGR uncritically, but it immediately became clear in 2003 that a geometry without torsion is completely wrong. EGR tries to remove torsion by using a symmetric connection in a completely arbitrary way. Many UFT papers now show that the inclusion of torsion completely changes the Einstein field equation and refutes the entire output of work in EGR in standard physics. Although UFT88 is a very popular classic, it is a difficult paper because it uses tensor algebra, but the latest refutations of EGR are very simple, and can be understood by the general public. For example UFT406 shows that standard physics omits geodetic and Lense Thirring precession when attempting to describe planetary precession using only the Einstein force between m and M, so its claims to precision fall apart completely. Notes for UFT410 show that the standard theory of geodetic precession is algebraically incorrect and was corrected in Note 410(1) . It has also been shown that the standard theory of Thomas precession is incorrect. The results of Gravity Probe B are completely refuted by these latest findings. Einsteinian , geodetic and Lense Thirring precessions cannot be isolated experimentally without first assuming a theory and Gravity Probe B detects only one overall precession, and that is all. In the Hulse Taylor binary pulsar, UFT409 shows that the Einstein field equation gives completely the wrong result. It gives a precession that is only about half the observed precession. The standard modellers cobble up a non linear Einstein equation by playing around with connections. Presumably they are aware that the fabled EGR fails completely in the Hulse Taylor binary pulsar, and probably in thousands of other cases around the Universe. In consequence there is no gravitational radiation from the Hulse Tylor binary pulsar. In a whirlpool galaxy the Einstein theory does not give the correct velocity curve it fails completely (PECE and PECE2) . The Einstein theory of light bending falls apart under the criticism of UFT150 to UFT155 and many other UFT papers. The ECE2 theory of light bending is simple and precise. UFT99 shows that the omission of torsion implies the disappearance of curvature, a disaster for EGR, UFT354 by Lindstrom and Eckardt (see also PECE2) shows the consequences of not using a symmetric connection. The entire geometrical framework is completely changed, and EGR collapses completely. UFT313 shows that the second Bianchi identity with torsion is the Jacobi Cartan Evans identity, a very intricate construction of tensor algebra that is completely different from the second Buanchi identity of 1902 upon which EGR is still based, despite a huge number of refutations. The EGR “establishment” ignores millions of readings of these refutations and have lapsed into silence. Obviously the funding for EGR should be stopped. The only reason for hanging on to obsolete ideas is funding. This is the complete antithesis of Baconian science. Long Essay One can be understood by general public and summarizes all these refutations. Albert Einstein wrote that it takes only one piece of data to refute a theory, now it takes a huge number of theoretical refutations and thousands of experimental refutations. These are inconvenient because they come in the way of funding. So it is a very corrupt age. Einstein himself was never funded very much, he had no interest in funding.

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