Daily Webalizer File

The daily webalizer file attached to each report shows that for June 2018 to date 2,673 documents have already been consulted from www.aias.us in 99 countries. A look at the webalizer file shows how the patterns of interest crystallize, how lead items begin to emerge. The leading paper is UFT286 on antisymmetry, a chapter of PECE, followed by the classic UFT88. The third chapter of Felker "The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory" is always very popular in Spanish translation. I think that a group or class has locked in to these items. My third book of poetry is also popular. I think that most universities are shut down for the world cup, so the interest is from individual scholars around the world. There is a vast amount of feedback data on the webalizer file. At the end of the month I will give the usual combined weblogs / webalizer feedback for the month. So nominators can be confident that their nominations for the physics Nobel prize are and for the much more prestigious British Civil List Pension (awarded in 2005) are solidly backed by the colleagues. Nominations for the Peace prize are more open and can also be made with confidence. The Nobel prize by now has become politicized and severely devalued. In physics it is entirely controlled by a tiny group of standard modellers whose work is completely obsolete. The webalizer and weblogs files are show cases for the ECE School of Thought in physics. The weblogs file every morning is filtered down to universities, institutes and similar. The webalizer file contains all the data (it is unfiltered). There is clearly great international confidence in the work of AIAS / UPITEC, and essentially no logical criticism of it. This is because the work is a series of variations on Cartan goemetry, which is solidly reputable and obviously has not changed since 2003. On the other hand Einsteinian general relativity (EGR) has disintegrated completely. There are some incredible howlers in EGR. These have come to light in the latest UFT papers. A pattern of interest has also emerged for the blog of www.aias.us, there is intense interest at weekends, suggesting that a group or class has locked in to the blog.

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