Note 409(2) Relation between the Newton and Thomas velocities

This is given by Eq. (26) direct from fundamentals. The hypothesis is introduced that all cosmological precessions are Thomas precessions, because the Einstein field equation is incorrect and gives meaningless solutions such as the Schwarzschild, Kerr and black hole metrics. These are meaningless because they are based on a torsionless geometry. The Thomas precession does not depend on the Einstein field equation, the former is now undestood as the rotation of the ECE covariant metric. This rotation changes the Newtonian orbital velocity (Eq. (26)) and changes the Lorentz factor to Eq. (33). This change in the Lorentz factor means that all fundamental quantities must be re expressed in terms of the new Lorentz factor, for example the hamiltonian (42) and the lagrangian (43). In general the Thomas velocity can be found from experimental data on precession, although this is a dippy method. ECE2 gives an exact and correct description of light deflection due to gravitation.


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