Nomination of R. S. Thomas for a Nobel Prize in Literature

There was an openly organized campaign in the late nineties by the literary establishment, which RST found to be grossly embarrassing. In the end he reluctantly went along with the process, which got on to TV and so on. RST was a republican nationalist like myself, and was instantly attacked by the royalist media for his views, a media that was totally ignorant of Wales and RST’s brilliant poetry. RST was always described as “outspoken”, “cantankerous” an altogether ridiculous and deeply insulting royalist distortion of the quiet and pious Vicar of Aberdaron. The Prize went to the Irish poet Seamus Heaney. This illustrates the politicization of the Nobel Prize. In my case the various nominations for B(3), if successful, would have made standard physics instantly obsolete. It quickly became obsolete in any case. The conspirators were not successful in stopping me being awarded a Civil List Pension, it was all kept very confidential. As soon as they found out they went crazy, attacking everyone by e mail, even the Buckingham Palace staff and the Treasury. By now they are long forgotten, all that is left of them is stale fruitcake, biling away horrendously in a void like a demented banshee.

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