Nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, New York,

Dear Governor Cuomo,

It has been suggested that I be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for voluntary work on new energy, work which would alleviate tensions between Nations, one of the requirements of the Nobel Peace Prize, and reduce the risk of poverty and starvation, from which millions die every year. I would like to ask whether you would consider nominating me for the Nobel Peace Prize. I have been told that I have been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize in physics for similar type of work. My work and CV are described on and are making an unprecedented international impact. I am a U. S. / British dual citizen resident in Britain. My last address in New York was Lois lane, Commonlands, Ithaca. Thank you in anticipation for possible consideration of this request. I have also requested nominations from the two New York Senators and the Quakers, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates 1947.

Cordially yours,

Myron Evans.

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