UFT88 Read at Tohoku University Japan

Tohoku is ranked 76 in the world by QS, 101 – 150 by Shanghai, 201 – 250 by Times (third in Japan) and 192 by webometrics. It was founded in 1736 and has about 18,000 students. It has produced one Nobel Laureate, Tanaka in chemistry. There is an ECE school inside Tohoku which regularly studies the theory. UFT88 is the famous refutation of Einstein’s theory of general relativity by using torsion to develop the 1902 second Bianchi identity into the Jacobi Cartan Evans identity of UFT313. It shows that the incorporation of torsion, and the use of correct geometry, completely changes the Einstein field equation of 1915. So the latter could not have predicted anything correctly. The consultation rate of UFT88 today is 6,424 times a year, a new ten year record high. The refutations of EGR are getting simpler and simpler, UFT406 is the simplest to date, showing that the standard model completely misses two important phenomena in its theory of planetary precession: the de Sitter and Lense Thirring precessions. This an incredible super-howler from a wolf with first degree indigestion. UFT88 and UFT313 are intricate papers, needing a complete knowledge of advanced tensor algebra, but UFT406 can be understood by everyone. It shows that two out of three terms are missing. So the monotonous claim of “exact agreement” is destroyed completely, using the standard modellers’ own equations.

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