Thomas / ECE2 Precession and the Sommerfeld Atom

After completing an extensive literature search on the Sommerfeld atom the next note will explain how the Thomas / ECE2 precession appears in the atom. For a useful site google “Sommerfeld H atom energy levels” and third site that comes up. The Thomas / ECE2 precession is the angular precession of the semi major axes of the elliptical orbitals per orbital angle. This gives the famous rosette structure that Sommerfeld sketched in a letter to Einstein. The Lorentz / ECE2 factor is (1 – (alpha / n) squared) power minus half, and the Thomas half enters as described in a previous note , and is the same as for the Schroedinger H atom: v / c = alpha / n. The energy levels of the Sommerfeld atom are the same as those of the Dirac atom, and Sommerfeld introduced the azimuthal quantum number. He was nominated eighty four times for a Nobel Prize, many of his students and post docs (e.g. Debye, Pauli and Heisenberg) were Nobel Laureates, but Sommerfeld was never awarded a Nobel Prize. Obviously one should not read too much into a Nobel Prize, it has become a completely arbitrary, politicised, procedure. My case shows that very clearly. I was nominated several time for B(3), but people like the fraudster Bruhn were able to attack the Royal Swedish Academy. Bruhn also attacked the Welsh Assembly and mocked the British Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II. The fraudsters were overwhelmed by a huge tide of support for the work of my colleagues and myself in developing B(3) into ECE and ECE2, and the old system of physics was overturned. It can no longer cynically censor ideas which interest millions of the colleagues worldwide. After Elsevier tipped me for a Nobel Prize in its Sci Topics feature it was also attacked by the same fraudsters who set up the Wikipedia site. Now that it is known that the Schroedinger atom is a Thomas / ECE2 precession, it will be shown in the next note that the Bohr and Sommerfeld atoms are also Thomas / ECE2 precessions. Alfred Nobel did not intend his name to be dragged in the mud in this way. Otto Stern was nominated eight two times and was finally awarded a Nobel Prize. Bertrand Russell from Wales was nominated once and got the Literature Prize. He was capable of course, but he was a philosopher, not a poet or novelist. Dylan Thomas, the enfant terrible, was never nominated. Reverend R. S. Thomas was nominated against his will about six times or so, but the Prize went to Seamus Heaney. Yassir Arafat, a terrorist, was awarded a Peace Prize. Jean-Paul Sartre refused the prize. Bob Dylan didn’t turn up for the ceremony. Wikipedia in the wrong hands is a dangerous rag because it is used to destroy careers and lives, so it is best to shut it down.

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