Telecommunications Ombudsman

After being landed with a "contract breaking charge" by Talk Talk, which I paid under protest to get them off my back, and finally to get rid of them, I googled around to find that Talk Talk is being heavily criticised for this sharp practice, several people indicating that they will refuse to pay. So I will make a strong complaint to the Telecommunications Ombudsman and recommend that all other who have been swindled by Talk Talk do the same. In fact it is Talk Talk that breached contract by delivering an appallingly poor service. There are plenty of witnesses to this poor service. They continued to charge me for about three months after Telecom had taken over. The Telecom router has given no problem. I will ask for a reimbursement for payment under protest and for compensation for years of appallingly poor service. No one should ever use Talk Talk. Rip offs are a feature of modern life, but people can fight back against them without using lawyers, who rip people off the worst of all. In the case of lawyers there is the Legal Ombudsman.

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