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This is an excellent idea, and it would also be a good idea if the staff members could write papers like this giving their own views and perspectives. Horst Eckardt is currently writing a textbook which is certain to be another classic. Every staff member who can do so is invited to prepare articles and lectures on what they think are the most important advances made in seven hundred UFT papers and books since 2003. This is roughly the entire output of Linus Pauling for example, achieved over sixty or seventy years. Similarly the colleagues could write articles and broadcast lectures on what are the most important advances made in my career of almost two thousand items. That would take up their entire retirement (in humour). If they think that I have achieved nothing at all, it would be a very short article.
Intense Blog Interest in UFT406 and notes for UFT407

Perhaps it might be a good idea for you to write a new type of longer essay for the lay people, with few if any equations, and in which, a) the existence of precession is explained as an additional feature of the full, real world, dynamics of gravitation, breaking the myth that it is fully explained simply through Newton´s inverse square law, b) all existing precessions are explained through physical examples of each, c) they are applied to planets and hydrogen atoms, and compared with experimental results, d) all these results are compared with those obtained from EGR, and e) finally explain the transcendence of these results, which show, once and for all, that ECE and ECE2 theories are able to bring together quantum mechanics and relativity, while showing that this was not done before by standard physics because of their use of a mistaken einsteinian relativity.


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