Hello Dave: Calculating the Total of my Publications in Science

Hello Dave: I notice that the CV in the blue box has not updated for some reason, but it doesn’t matter because the world records can be accurately calculated and placed as the first item on the home page. The old CV can remain in place. I decided to recalculate the total number of publications and broadcasts with credit to co authors and broadcasters. They are as follows. There are 760 items in the Omnia Opera, these go up to UFT100. There are 304 more UFT items by now, minus fifteen papers by other authors. So this gives 1049 publications. there are 28 volumes in my "Contemporary Chemical Physics" series, giving 1077. There are about 300 translations by Alex Hill, so this gives 1,377. There are 121 essays, which I have also broadcast. They have been translated and broadcast in Spanish by Alex Hill, and Robert Cheshire has also broadcast them, so this gives 605 essay items, giving a total of 1,982, a world record by a long way for publications in chemical physics by one author and co authors of papers. The first paper was published in 1973, so they have been published over a span of 45 years continuously, just over 44 works a year for 45 years continuously. The academic average in a recent Norwegian study was 0.7 paper equivalents a year. We can round this off to one publication a year by an average academic. All my publications are read intensely as we can see from the scientometrics. So I will use these data for my first world record. They show that I am 42 times more productive than the average academic, and make a vastly greater impact. The AIAS / UPITEC is also vastly more productive than academia. So many thanks to all concerned. AIAS / UPITEC can take great credit. I will write up my world records tomorrow intended for the home page.

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