Fwd: “Principles of ECE” Two the Leading Paper

It would be a very good idea to put them in the book store. They are excellently produced at a reasonable price.
"Principles of ECE" Two the Leading Paper

I did not find a hint to the books PECE and PECE2 in the book store section of the web site. Has this been forgotten?


Am 16.04.2018 um 08:42 schrieb Myron Evans:

"Principles of ECE" Two the Leading Paper

This looks like a good idea. As can be seen from the daily webalizer file the translations are making an important impact. It is clear from the feedback that posting in the blue box makes an immediate impact, like a newspaper headline. It would always be possible to make an additional red box on the home page, or make the blue box larger. The feedback shows that all the items in the blue box attract a large readership.

"Principles of ECE" Two the Leading Paper

In order to avoid making the blue box unnecessary larger, perhaps the links to the Spanish versions of PECE I and II could be made just by adding the term (Spanish) between parenthesis after the present PECE I and II links in the blue box, and use those terms as the link to UFT350 & 366 of the Spanish Section.


Sent: Sunday, April 15, 2018 1:44 AM
Subject: Fwd: "Principles of ECE" Two the Leading Paper

"Principles of ECE" Two the Leading Paper

After posting in the blue box, "Principles of ECE Two" is now the most read item of the ECE2 series (UFT366). "Principles of ECE Volumes One and Two" are on new record highs together with UFT88, the famous refutation of Einsteinian General Relativity. My third volume of poetry is also attracting considerable interest. So many thanks again to Dave Burleigh for posting in the blue box above my coat of arms on the home page of www.aias.us.

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