404(2) : Precession Due to a Rotating Object (Apsidal and Larmor methods)

This note shows that there is very good agreement between the apsidal and Larmor methods described resepctively in Note 404(1), and UFT345, giving great confidence in both methods and in an ECE2 covariant theory rather than the incorrect Einstein theory. The Larmor method is described in UFT345, where an averaging procedure was used to obtain exact agreement with experimental data from Gravity Probe B. The apsidal method can be calculated exactly with computer algebra, I have given an approximate method using hand calculations which can be checked as usual. This note shows that there is rigorous self consistency among several concepts introduced in the past two years or so. The Larmor method relies on the ECE2 gravitomagnetic field (UFT117 and UFT345) and the apsidal method on its potential. The original calculation by Lense and Thirring completely omits torsion because it was based on the torsionless Einstein equation.


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