“Gwaith Argoed Llwyfain” on the first page of Google

There are many excellent bards and poets in Wales (the original ancient Britain), and Emyr Lewis here is one of the best, being a chaired bard for strict metre poetry and a crowned bard for free metre poetry. I recommend the website method of poetry publication because once the website has made its name, such as www.aias.us, the poetry quickly becomes known around the world. So my own particular style of poetry has made the Welsh language known in up to 192 countries. So I will now write up "Gwaith Argoed Lwyfain" into my third book of poetry. This is sixth century, attributed to Taliesin, (Shining Brow), written down in old Welsh several hundred years later. I translate it into modern Welsh and then into modern English. I first came across this work in "Blodeugerdd Cerddi Cymru", "The Oxford Book of Welsh Verse", edited by Prof. Sir Thomas Parry, Principal at Aberystwyth when I was a freshman, and a considerable bard in his own right, the great scholar of my ancestral cousin, Dafydd ap Gwilym.


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