The Importance of Scientometrics

There was an obscure system problem this morning in sending the note on Montana State. I reassembled the message and posted it on the blog. The second half of the message was curtailed by the gmail system and mentioned that the ECE theory will be read about a hundred to two hundred million times over the next century, assuming that the and sites are conserved properly. The standard model of physics is completely obsolete, and there is a vibrant new school of thought: ECE physics. It is important to study the scientometrics, and indeed these are being consulted all over the world. The jewel in the crown of the standard physics, Einsteinian general relativity (EGR) is riddled with errors (attached) . Horst Eckardt and I have shown this with meticulous care, using computer algebra over about fourteen years. The attached is a list of eighty three refutations. As Einstein wrote, one piece of experimental evidence is enough to refute a theory. Similarly, one mathematical refutation is enough. Eighty three refutations (more by now) mean that the theory is a sieve made of a heavy metal, it will not walk on water. The dogmatists such as Hawking have made physics into a meaningless theology. ECE and ECE2 is the new enlightenment known as the post Einsteinian paradigm shift. Stephen Crothers has independently refuted EGR in many other ways. His work will also stand the test of time. For the first time, a huge collection of scientometrics has been built up which shows that our work at AIAS / UPITEC will stand the test of time. It has stood for fifteen years, so it will stand for a century, assuming that humankind will survive that long. In the past fifteen years, our work has been consulted about twenty two million times at least. I also know that my prose and poetry will stand the test of time. Thanks to all concerned. I strongly recommend the website method to fight back against dogma and the corruption of the university system into a money making machine, with poor students loaded with huge fees which are channelled into ithe pockets of administrators. We have rebuilt the true university at AIAS / UPITEC by using distance teaching at all the best universities in the world. The true university is made up of teachers and scholars, without administrators. The scientometrics also show that we have done this to huge international acclaim. The scientometrics are very important and special thanks is due to Dave Burleigh in particular. One cannot hear or see the acclaim, but it is there, in up to 192 countries.


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