My Watkins family history

Cyfarch Cefnder!

Diolch yn fawr iawn, mae hwn yn hynod o ddiddorol. Priododd Anne Watkins, mamgu eich Anne Watkins y Grithig, fy hendad William Morgan, brawd Morgan Morgan Craig y Nos. Fe fyddaf yn barod i gyhoeddi’r llyfr ar, gyda’ch cytundeb wrth gwrs. Many thanks, Anne Watkins, grandmother of your Anne Watkins Y Grithig, married my ancestor Wiiliam Morgan, brother of Morgan Morgan Craig y Nos. With your permission of course I will be glad to publish this book on Cytunaf bod y Censi yn gwneud cawlach yr uffern o’r iaith Gymraeg. I agree that the Censi make a devil’s broth out of the Welsh language.


My Watkins family history
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I thought you might like to read through the following information about my Watkins family connections. I trust that it will be of some interest to you, most of the information has been obtained from "Find my Past" records.

My reasons for carrying out this project is because I realised one day some 10 years ago that I knew very little of my parents’ history, even less about my grandparents and nothing about my ancestors beyond the time of my grandparents. I would very much have liked to have some information about their way of life. So I decided that I would try and leave some information for those family members or descendants who will follow me in the future. My main objective is to provide my descendants with a taste of what life was like for my generation together with some factual information about my predecessors. Therefore, in order to achieve my objective, I am in the process of writing a book of around 500 pages with written contributions by my siblings and cousins, together with photographs and hope to print about 10 copies for distribution among my close family members so that they can pass the book down to the next generation.


My great, great, great grandfather the Reverend William Watkins, my maternal grandmother’s great, great grandfather lived in the parish of Llangattog (NOT Llangadog as shown on the Carmarthen Banns Transcription document obtained via Find My Past website). This entry was probably made by an English speaking clerk with little or no knowledge or understanding of the Welsh language. William was married to Joan Powell of the Llywel parish in June 1786. I do not have any records showing their dates of death. They had eleven children, Eliphaz their eighth born child, born 1798, became my great, great grandfather; he married Ann Powell on 15th February 1834 at Capel Callwen. Ann Powell was born in Ystradgynlais in 1810. The 1851 census record shows Eliphaz was farming at Pwllcoedog a 100 acre farm with Morgan Morgans a manservant and Eleanor Williams a housemaid. At that time they had four children; Gwenllian born 1839 a scholar; William Powell born 1842 a scholar; Mary Ann born 1845 a scholar and Llewelyn Powell born 1848 and recorded as a farmer’s son. All four children are recorded as being born in Glyntawe. This would be where Tudor Watkins took his name from as Baron Tudor Elwyn Watkins of Glyntawe.

The 1861 census records Eliphaz as being the head of the household but now a widower; his wife Ann was quite young when she died. He was still farming at Pwllcoedog, but if the address on the census is to be believed, it’s unlikely that he would ever be traced. This address on the census record is an affront to the Welsh language in my opinion. Pwllcoedog, Pentwyn, Defynnog, Sir Frycheiniog would have been a more acceptable entry. However, Eliphaz is at this time, still farming Pwllcoedog his now 122 acre holding with the aid of one man and a boy, the boy must be 13 years old Thomas Watters as shown on the census return but there’s no mention of the man in the census document. He also has a house servant, unmarried aged 20 years by the name of Mary Price. His oldest son William Powell Watkins, now 19 years of age must have left home or he was away from home the day that the census was taken as he is not mentioned.

In the 1871 census, Eliphaz remains a widower, continues to live and farm at Pwllcoedog, Defynnog, probably with the help of his two adult sons William Powell and Llewelyn Powell who continue to live with him; so does his daughter Gwenllian together with a maidservant Ann Morgans. Llewelyn Powell Watkins, the youngest child of the family now 23 years of age would become my great grandfather.

Eliphaz died on 14th May 1882 as recorded when his will was proved on 15th July 1882 at the Principal Registry by his son William Powell Watkins of Ongur Uchaf Farm, Ystradgynlais. At the time of his death, Eliphaz was recorded as living at Glanhafles, Ystradgynlais. It would be reasonable to assume that the family farm Pwllcoedog had by now been sold or had been transferred to the ownership of my great grandfather to be, Llewelyn Powell Watkins.

Llewelyn Powell Watkins was married to Ann Evans during the last quarter of 1876 in the district of Brecknock. No further information available.

My grandmother, Mary Ann Watkins was born from the union of Llewelyn Powell and Ann Watkins in 1883. Her baptism records show that she was born in 1883 and baptized at St. John the Baptist’s Church in Callwen, on the 12th February 1883. Her father is recorded as Llewelin and mother Ann. Her father Llewelin Powell Watkins is recorded as living and farming at Pwllcoedog the family farm. The records were entered by The Rev. Abraham Edwards, vicar of Callwen. I have no further information about Llewelin Powell or Ann Watkins.

My grandmother married William Griffith Williams in the Pontardawe district, probably at Callwen Church on the 23d December 1906.

My grandparents at some-time early in their marriage lived on a smallholding in Alltwen, Pontardawe by the name of Ty Banwen from where they ran a milk delivery business in the immediate locality. They had four children namely, John who died in infancy, Nancy Irene who became my mother, Bertie Llewelyn and Eric Ashley.

My grandmother died in 1927 of breast cancer and my grandfather died in 1963 after suffering with bladder cancer.



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