UFT88 Consulted at Montana State

UFT88 Consulted at Montana State Bozeman

Montana State is ranked 459 in the world by webometrics and 601 – 800 by Times, unranked by QS and Shanghai. It has 16,703 students and was founded in 1893, shortly after Montana became a State. It has an acceptance rate of 83.8%. UFT88 is a famous paper in the world of science, and appears on the first page of Google , tenth out of 1,110,000 results for keywords second Bianchi identity without inverted commas. The meticulous and well known scientometrics track its progress since it was published in 2008, and it has been consulted tens of thousands of times without objection, at several hundred world ranking universities, including the best in the world such as Oxford, where it was consulted recently at its Institute of Mathematics. It is the most well known of almost a hundred refutations of Einsteinian general relativity in the famous UFT series on www.aias.us and www.upitec.org . It should be consulted with UFT99, which shows that geometry collapses without torsion, and reaches its final form in UFT313 in the JCE Identity named after Jacobi, Cartan and myself. UFT88 shows that torsion completely changes the famous second Bianchi identity, upon which the Einstein based his theory of general relativity. UFT88 should be read with UFT99, which shows that geometry collapses if torsion is neglected, and reaches its final form in UFT313.

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