A Note on Theology

I have often written that I respect genuine piety of all kinds, from simple personal piety to the tracts of theologians of all denominations. It makes my stomach turn over to see a historic chapel being used as a boxing ring, in a place from which violence is excommunicated. Such people are automatically excommunicated by the traditional civilization of Wales, famous throughout the world. All forms of boxing should banned, it is a demented pastime, and often causes dementia. All those who desecrate chapels and chrches are automatically excommunicate from civilization. I cannot see the Pazzi chapel in Florence being used a pizza hut. The Italians would never desecrate their own history. Even the most decadent of Romans would not desecrate a temple. When I describe science as theology it is not meant as a slur against theology, this turn of phrase used to be used by my Ph. D. supervisor Mansel Davies, it is a variation on Pauli’s "not even wrong", the failure to adhere to Baconian principles, the failure to test a theory against experimental data, and the failure to keep things simple. Mansel Davies was a lapsed Baptist as he called himself, because he had become an agnostic. His brother was ordained priest of the high church as they call it, essentially a Catholic priest inside the Protestant church . Gareth Evans was also brought up as a Baptist and so was I, as a Welsh speaking Baptist: Dissenters who reject violence and the excesses of secular rule. It was interesting to hear from my cousin Lynne Joseph that a member of our family was imprisoned for refusing to become involved in war, the mindless and vicious luxury that has brought civilization to the edge of extinction. Also, the bard Gwenallt was imprisoned for opposing war, so was Saunders Lewis, the founder of Plaid Cymru, and a considerable Welsh language poet in his own right. He lost his job as lecturer for opposing war, but was reinstated by Bangor. Keir Hardie was a pacifist, the first Labour M. P. Saunders Lewis had seen the horror of the trenches in the Royal Welch Fusiliers, and many coal miners were pacifists. The word pacifist is a kind of insult invented by warmongers. Any sane person opposes war. I have lived all my life In a MAD world, mutual assured destruction. In my view these horrific deterrents work only if they are not used. A nutter could easily try to use them.

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