List of All the Civil List Pensioners in Mathematics and Science from 1782 to 1896

Only forty five Pensioners and dependents were appointed by various Prime Ministers in more than a century (1782 – 1896), and all are important scientists, all are still well known in their fields. It can be seen that the Pension was almost always enough to live on, with the help of other incomes. Now it has been reduced to an average of about £2,400 a year for 53 Pensioners. This makes a wealthy nation such as Great Britain look like a dark and philistine cotton mill by Blake, devoid of enlightenment. Parliament could increase this pitiful amount by a factor of a hundred in order to truly recognize merit, whatever the views of the Pensioner. These are very intolerant times, scientists, writers, artists and musicians of true merit are often locked out of employment and ostracized by a group of mediocrities who happen to have power, but little talent. That would never happen in any other walk of life. What is worse, populist mediocrities such as wikipedia are used to try to distort and destroy careers, but they fail in the face of true merit. These are the well known methods of a totalitarian regime. They are countered by the knowledge revolution and the ability of accurate scientometrics to show clearly the impact of a theory. There was plenty of disagreement and lively debate in the nineteenth century, Darwin, for example, was distorted beyond recognition, but he is among the most famous of all the Victorians. True merit will always win in the end, and in the case of ECE theory it is known from scientometrics that the theory is here to stay, a permanent antidote to censorship.


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