Recommended Use of the Scientometrics

These are very well known around the world in their own right and are much more accurate and detailed than citation indices, and much more meaningful. I recommend starting with the usage file attached to each daily report every early morning. Often, it lists well over three thousand items: the Omnia Opera, books, reviews papers, essays, translations, broadcasts, poetry, genealogy, autobiography, landscape photography and so on. The science citation archives such as Google Scholar should record all my scientific work, but they are incomplete. My real impact, and that of the colleagues at AIAS / UPITEC is phenomenal, and unrivalled by any other scientist or institute in history. The impact is made possible by advanced computer feedback technology. This is a perfectly objective conclusion. The impact of my poetry using the website method rivals that of a poet such as Dylan Thomas in his early time (the nineteen thirties). In fact the impact of his first book, “Eighteen Poems” was miniscule because of his blazing originality. It is also known that the readership of my work is of the highest quality. The attached books of scientometrics should be consulted to find the level of quality of the readership. We effectively teach at all the best universities in the world. The websites are archived on the Wayback Machine ( and will soon be archived on using wayback Machine software. Compared with this, the impact of the three or four people who caused others and myself me so much trouble at the EDCL and at UNCC is microscopic, and they are all retired or deceased. I recommend the blog of for additional reading, the blog is read in 192 countries. There are 193 Member States and two Observer States of the United Nations. The scientometrics show a meteoric rise in interest in my work in about 2003, (UFT1), reaching a very high plateau. The interest in the UFT papers has increased by well over 300% in 2017. ECE theory is the first theory of physics indigeneous to Wales, other theories are all based on received ideas: classical, quantum and relativistic physics. ECE is the first successful unified field theory and is identical in structure to Cartan geometry. So it cannot be refuted theoretically unless Cartan geometry is refuted. Cartan geometry is as solid as the Pythagoras Theorem. That is why I chose Cartan geometry as the basis for the theory. ECE will probably be refuted one day by experimental data, but then it can be developed. That is known as Baconian science. ECE seeks to improve relativity, so is called Einstein Cartan Evans theory. My website scientometrcis plus conventional indices (attached) mean that my work is making the largest scholarly impact in the history of science. Fortunately, it has not yet been popularized by the media, that would downgrade its purity of thought. It remains a pure intellectual impact which by passes academia, not out of any disrespect for the good parts of academia, but out of the paramount need for freedom of thought. Dylan Thomas also by passed academia, so did R. S. Thomas, so did Beethoven, so did van Gogh or Rodin, and any artist worth the name. When Vice Chancellors pay themselves mindless salaries, when students are heavily indebted to keep their administrators in lavish luxury, and when academic impact indices are difficult to find with an electron microscope, then academia has lost the moral high ground. Who was professor of music at Vienna in the time of Mozart? No one knows without looking it up. No one would think of citing Mozart’s semidemiquavers, they just listen.





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