Prof Mauro Ferrario, h = 30, g ~60, I10 = 46, n = 3,770

This is good enough for a full professor by Hirsch’s definition (h > ~ 20), but these days h of about 35 or more is needed for full professor of physics in some good universities. The system has become h obsessed. It would do much better to use scientomertics. Mauro Ferrario was a student of Paolo Grigolini at Pisa and became my post doctoral in the Room 262 group, along with Gareth Evans. Colin Reid was a graduate student Ferrario was capable and competent and I was external examiner at his doctoral examination in a room in which Galileo used to lecture. As Jeremy Jones began his illegal harassment and abuse (Auto volume two) Ferrario stood his ground with the rest of my group and won a European Fellowship of the Italian Research Council in 1981 (attached). He left to work at Cambridge because it became obvious that Jones was out of control, and as his staff would say, out of his mind, and out to get me. He was certainly out of his depth as a head of department. Ferrario later became a Director of CECAM in Switzerland and a full professor in Italy. Mauro Ferrario’s performance is greatly superior to that of Jeremy Jones.


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