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OK thanks. This is the file with the typo fixed. I also added the performances of EDCL professors H. Heller and G. Williams, again well below what is needed these days for full professor. Heller is very disappointing: h = 21, g ~ 35, I10 = 33, n = 1,848 and only one cited patent. He was the wizz kid who was supposed to make the EDCL’s fortune from patents. G. Williams is h = 33, g ~67, I10 = 67, n = 12,759 of which 8,798 come from only two publications, one is mainly the work of McCrum and Read, and the other a minor empirical modification by Watts of the Cole Cole plot. It becomes very clear that my Room 262 group was the best group after John Thomas left. The EDCL closed because of what is essentially malfeasance by publicly paid personnel. I have less and less time for those people and that era. This is historical work I am doing to set the record straight.

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Better I think. There is an ae in the 6th sentence of the last paragraph that you probably intended as are. If you want to fix it just resend.

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This analysis compares conventional citation indices for fifteen scientists. The list includes famous names such as Dirac, Pauli and Feynman; some of my contemporaries, and some staff members of the EDCL at Aberystwyth. I have the highest I10 and I5 indices of the sample, higher than Pauli, Dirac and Feynman, showing that I have great strength in depth, and reflecting the fact that I am the most prolific chemical physicist, probably in history. The phenomenal impact of my work since 2003 is measured by our well known scientometrics. The famous website method pioneered by AIAS / UPITEC has been so successful that I no longer use journals, I by pass conventional academia and go straight to the millions of readers of my work – the same as any intellectual or free thinker. By “my” I always mean “co authors and myself”. In great contrast the citation indices of some EDCL staff are very poor, notably A. J. S. Williams, who was appointed to tenure on the day he graduated B. Sc. Despite this very poor performance, he was given an Honorary Fellowship and allowed to remain in employment into his early nineties. This gives little or no confidence in a University system that deliberately overlooks merit and impact, and operates in smoked filled rooms. So sweeping reforms of the system are necessary from outside. It will never reform itself. At present the indices of one or two imported Vice Chancellors in Wales are almost as poor as those of A. J. S. Williams. He is described in Autobiography Volume Two in a less than entirely positive manner. Albert Einstein has an h index from Google Scholar Citations of 147, I10 = 658, total citations of 191,728 since about 1903. My impact as measured by our accurate scientometrics runs into tens of MILLIONS of items consulted since 2002 . So it is fair to claim that I have made the highest impact in the history of science (conventional impact plus scientometrics). Congratulations to the AIAS / UPITEC Institute, which has achieved a commensurate impact, measured in a rigorously scientific way. I am most grateful to the Head of State and Parliament of the countries of Britain for recognizing this impact by appointing me as Civil List Pensioner in 2005, and by the award of arms in 2008.


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