Impact Indices of the late Prof. J. O. Williams

These are h = 24, g = 34, I10 = 55, n ~1,500, no website scientometrics. These compare with my h = 43, g = 91, I10 = 211, n = 11.207, tens of millions by scientometrics, and with Jeremy Jones’ h = 18, g = 31, I10 = 30, ~990 citations no website scientometrics. Nether J. O. Williams nor Jeremy Jones would make full professor by today’s standards, unless the system were corrupt. J. O. was quite a good friend of mine, while Jeremy Jones spent a lot of his time trying to destroy my group and wreck my work as part of a Purnell vendetta. J. O. was a fluent Welsh speaker and on the whole a more pleasant man, and we both received the D. Sc. degree from Sir Goronwy Daniel in 1978. His work is much narrower in scope than mine, but of quite good quality. Both of them applied for the Head of the EDCL, but Jones was appointed. This made J. O. furiously angry. He did not attempt to hide his anger when he came back from the interview. It was widely believed at the time that some kind of smoky, secret deal had been made whereby John Thomas would go to Cambridge (without competition), and WJJ would take his place at the EDCL. Mansel Davies denied any knowledge of any such deal, but it is known that Buckingham was active in inviting Thomas to Cambridge, and Buckingham was acquainted with Mansel Davies. Jones was a complete disaster as recorded in Autrobiography Volume Two. When I applied for a job being advertized at the EDCL, he told me to go to hell and that was the sum total of the assessment of my work. Howard Purnell was on the interviewing committee for headship of EDCL in 1978, and he was also from Chemistry, Cambridge. My guess is that Purnell did the same thing as at Swansea – the job was advertized but Jones had already been offered it, so no other candidate, including J. O., had a chance. This is a criminal offence, malfeasance and fraud. Jeremy Jones was also from chemistry, Cambridge. I was illegally by my own Ph. D. supervisor from applying for the headship of EDCL. I could not have done worse than Jeremy Jones. After that, I as locked out of Aberystwyth all my life. So reform is urgently needed, an apology, and plenty of back pay. I had a diffident, retiring, and scholarly character, but always worked very hard. All they had to do was to give my a research fellowship and lock me in a fume cupboard. The EDCL would still have been there now.

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