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Much appreciated. We are on a new record high again for readings of ECE2 papers and books for October 2017 if the early rate is sustained to the end of the month. There is intense interest in UFT380 – UFT390, the latest papers (early morning reports).

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Subj: Re: Acknowledgment to the Group

You are welcome, Myron. It is a pleasure for me to work at the world-wide forefront of physics, full of new ideas.


Am 11.10.2017 um 14:00 schrieb EMyrone:

The AIAS / UPITEC group is the best I have worked with. I would like to acknowledge all members, but a great deal of special thanks goes to Horst Eckardt, whose work has transformed the early years of ECE theory (2003 to 2005). He has also helped in many other ways. Thanks are due also to Douglas Llindstrom, Gareth Evans, and Stephen Crothers for coauthorship, nominations and discussions. I would also like to thank Steve Bannister and Kerry Pendergast for their recent visit, and Steve Bannister for making the economists aware of the theory. Dave Burleigh is thanked in particular for ten years as webmaster, during which time has developed tremendously, (see Alex Hill is thanked for a great deal of translation, Franklin Amador for preparing GCUFT, and Sean MacLachlan for running Michael Jackson, Robert Cheshire and Simon Clifford are thanked for broadcasting work and all are thanked for their interest. Last but not least, Alwyn van der Merwe and Bo Lehnert are thankd for supporting the Civil List Pension, and Alwyn van der Merwe for resisting the early pressure of the dogmatists. For this integrity, his eminent journals were destroyed unethically, but we made a famous switch to websites.

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