FOR POSTING: Protests against Anglo Norman Colonization of Wales

There are many protest groups who are always active against the Anglo Norman colonization of Wales and the deliberate destruction of the language and culture in Wales by malfeasance and colonial misgovernment. Gwynfor Evans for example described Wales as the last colony. These groups should make a formal protest to UNESCO and human rights organizations throughout the world. The deliberate anglicisation of Wales is completely illegal. The colonization of small villages by monoglot immigrants has resulted in wildly inflated house prices and the destruction of the language in villages that are of key importance to the language. This can easily be seen in Mawr. The colonization and deliberate destruction of the true University of Wales has resulted in very low quality remnants whose monoglot, English speaking, management pays itself lavishly from the Welsh speaking taxpayer. Wales is already among the poorest countries of Europe and cannot afford this parasitic burden. The workers in these universities are employed at minimum wage and without contracts. Legislation is needed to cut the size of these colonies by about a factor of ten, and to reestablish the true University of Wales. The process of dissolution of the University was illegal, the true Supreme Authority, the People of Wales, was not consulted. Its Guild of Graduates, Senate and Council, were destroyed and the Office of Visitor removed. This process was accompanied by a grotesque level of colonial corruption. As Chancellor of one of these remnnants I would press immediately to implement these policies. Legislation is needed to implement my Bro Iaith policy ( and blog) throughout Wales. This means the establishment of areas in which the Welsh language is spoken naturally. Mawr used to be one such area, the language has been rapidly and deliberately destroyed by ruthless developers, who are known to use threats of violence. Legislation is needed to sharply curb the activities of such people. The People of Wales has a right to speak its own language without being subjected to colonial animosity as is currently the case. Legislation is needed to press for complete bilingualism throughout Wales. This means that every staff member and every student in the True University of Wales would be personally fluent in Welsh. My Hirsch (h) index analysis of Swansea immediately showed that most colonialists there have indices so low that they would not be appointed to tenure in any other university. I know of monoglot colonists being appointed to tenure with zero Hirsch index.

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