391(2): Conservation of Antisymmetry in Light Deflection

In ECE2 physics light deflection due to gravitation is given immediately and exactly from the definition of relativistic velocity, Eq. (1). To me this is one of the most satisfying discoveries of ECE2 theory. It immediately makes the hugely elaborate Einstein theory of light deflection irrelevant by Ockham’s Razor, because the ECE2 theory is far simpler and works exactly for all observed precessions. As shown in UFT150 – UFT155, the Einstein theory of light deflection is riddled with obscurities, some would say cooking or fudging by Einstein to get the right result. These refutation papers are now classics. There is an upper bound on the Lorentz factor, another major discovery which completely refutes hyperrelativistic physics and zero photon mass theory, together with Higgs boson theory. The definition of the relativistic velocity occurs in any good book on special relativity, but the upper bound was missed for one hundred and ten years. This means that light deflection due to gravity automatically conserves antisymmetry because it is ECE2 covariant and so is described by the same theory as precession (see UFT390). In this note three dimensional precession theory is defined, because it takes three dimensions to conserve antisymmetry rigorously. Three dimensional forward and retrograde precession will be very interesting to graph. This has been shown in immediately preceding papers. Finally a new analytical method is given for explaining precession from ECE2 theory. This is useful but the rigorous theory must be based on the Lagrangian. So major progress is being made now in ECE2 physics and this is being acknowledged by the readership.


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