FOR POSTING: UFT389 Sections 1 and 2 and Background Notes

This paper gives the complete equations of gravitation in ECE2 physics: the wave and field equations, and the five antisymmetry equations of the law of conservation of antisymmetry. They must all be solved simultaneously for any problem in gravitation and comparison with experimental data rigorously carried out at every stage. The equations of electrodynamics and fluid dynamics have the same structure in ECE2 physics, which has completely replaced the standard model. In the early years of the twenty first century, a new physics has emerged which has swept away the dogma and obscurity of twentieth century physics. A scheme of computation is suggested. Many other ways of proceeding are possible. ECE2 maps the aether or vacuum for every problem in physics, chemistry and engineering. It has concepts which are missing completely from the standard model and has refuted nearly every aspect of the standard model. This paper has a few remarks which summarize this remarkable paradigm shift, Prof Emeritus Alwyn van der Merwe’s “post Einsteinian paradigm shift”.










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