FOR POSTING: Putting the Record Straight at Wikipedia

Dear Dr Leva,
This appears to be a repeat of a message already sent by you, one to which I had already replied. The Wikipedia article about ECE theory is well known internationally to be an obsolete distortion of the truth. It has been refuted many times by several scholars in the past decade. The rebuttals and true biographical facts are found on and and in “Marquis Who’s Who”. The Wikipedia article is certainly not neutral, it is wildly pejorative and is a criminal offence under the Malicious Communications Act. I am not allowed to edit it or remove it. This is the very opposite of balanced and neutral, it is a vicious ad hominem diatribe. So I request that Wikipedia in Italy remove it entirely, and replace it with an accurate account of my well known biographical details and of the theory. The article was meant to destroy ECE theory and to destroy my reputation, to prevent me from earning a living, McCarthy style. It violates human rights, and is the sinister propaganda of an obsolete standard model theory. Both attempts have failed. The ECE theory has been studied over twenty million times since 2002, off and, and the AIAS / UPITEC Institute is the one that makes the most impact in the world in terms of page views per month per author.
This fiasco by Wikipedia is due to its U. S. section, if its Italian section can create a fair Dissemin page, I would agree to it. The Dissemin page could simply cross link to the hugely popular and They are both freely accessible.
My true C. V. is in the blue box above my Coat of Arms on the home page of, and in over thirty editions of “Marquis Who’s Who”. I have just been given a Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017. Thousands of scientists worldwide find the remarks on Wikipedia to be grossly offensive, because I am described as a “crackpot” by what is supposed to be a neutral medium. So the article is a trolling site, not a scientific article at all. This means that the article is a criminal offense under the Malicious Communications Act, as well as being grossly defamatory and wildly pejorative. Wikipedia has already been forced to remove one article, about myself, after the longest and most bitter battle in its history.
In my view the Italian Wikipedia can put the facts straight simply by posting my CV. So could the Welsh language Wicipedia.

Myron Evans

(Dr. M. W. Evans, Uchelwr (British Nobleman by descent from the Princes), Squire or Armiger (2008), Civil List Pensioner (2005), D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales))

Co President AIAS

cc Prime Minister’s Office
Commissioner of Police for South Wales.

In a message dated 12/09/2017 15:06:52 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Dear MW Evans,

as a volunteer Wikipedia editor, I found your research
cited in an English Wikipedia article.

However, I did not easily find a copy of your work that I could access and share.
On the Dissemin page about your work I found information and links showing that your publisher’s policies allow you to make a copy available in green open access. With a couple clicks you can now deposit your manuscript in Zenodo (hosted by CERN) via the Dissemin tool.
As an author, you just have to click the upload button and select the relevant PDF from your disk, while Dissemin takes care of all the metadata for you.

I need an open access copy to be able to discuss it with fellow editors and make sure the Wikipedia article provides an accurate and neutral overview under a free license for everybody to use. We also want every user who reads the article to be able to verify its content by consulting its primary sources. (See the Wikipedia pillars.)

On Dissemin you can also click your name from the work’s page or search your name to find all your known works which are already available or could be made available.
As you know, academic knowledge benefits everyone, but very few people have access to academic subscription-based journals. On the other hand, your journal and publisher have policies which allow you and your co-authors to make a copy of your work freely available for everyone right now, by depositing it on an open repository.

Dissemin will ask you to login via ORCID: you may already have an ORCID

account from your institution, but if not you can easily signup and create your unique author identity. When asked to choose a copyright license for your work, please consider that “libre” Open Access is especially helpful to grow free knowledge resources like Wikipedia: at Wikimedia we prefer the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (CC BY-SA) license, or the CC BY.

If you have already deposited your works elsewhere but they are not found, please contact your librarians or the administrators of your repository so that they can investigate why BASE/oaDOI fail to direct users to your archived version. They may also be able to help you archive your works if you are not able to do it yourself.

Finally, for more information on Open Access, we recommend the SPARC Open Access website and Peter Suber’s how-to at Harvard.

I hope that you will find useful.

Kind regards,

Federico Leva
(Wikimedia Italia association member)

P.s.: If you reply with comments or questions, I’ll involve a group of field experts to help you. This message is sent to your address as relevant feedback about the publication which provided it. Dissemin is run by the independent CAPSH association in France.

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