FOR POSTIING: False Authority of Wikipedia

We at AIAS / UPITEC have repulsed and routed the ad hominem attacks by Wikipedia, which has no credibility in the eyes of the scientific world when it comes to ECE theory or myself.. Wikipedia is a private company, it has no legal authority, no academic authority, no scholarly authority, and is not above the common law. It is frequently riddled with inaccuracies. I would describe the ad hominem attacks and gutter abuse on wikipedia as McCarthyism. My co author Vigier was denied entry to the United States when invited by Albert Einstein to work as his assistant at PIAS. Vigier was a member of the Legion of Honour, France’s highest award, and a recipient of the de Gaulle Resistance Medal and member of the general staff of the Resistance. He was denied entry to the U. S. because he was a member of the French Communist Party, causing tension between the U. S. and France. He went on to become one of France’s most prominent Statesmen and one of the best theoretical physicists of the late twentieth century. He savagely condemned what happened to my wife and myself at UNCC, together, with many other international scientists. UNCC and Wikipedia remind me of stalinism, or any false authority, or any skinhead.

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