The Wolf Prizes 2018

Many thanks and I trust that the Eisteddfod went well. This is laudable activity. I suggest adding the two attached files to the nomination to show the impact beyond reasonable doubt. They can all be sent in electronically. I suggest studying the rules so we do not trip over a technicality. For example the Wolf Foundation has a rule that the nominator and supporters must have different affiliations from the nominee. So my affiliation is Civil List Pensioner appointed directly by Queen Elizabeth II, the Head of State. A Civil List Pensioner is appointed for life, and holds one of the highest State honours. Many thanks once again to all concerned, the nominator and supporters know the work best. Millions of others also know the work.

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I will not be able to use Council letterhead for this Myron but have AIAS letterhead saved online that I can use. In work now and will search for it later. Away on weekend at Eisteddfod but will sort application next couple of weeks.

Information for Nominator, Dr. Gareth John Evans: Wolf Prizes 2018

By 15th September 2017.

The Wolf Prize nomination form can be downloaded from the internet. The relevant nominations are for physics, mathematics and chemistry (three nominations).

Page 01: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics.

Page 02
Myron Wyn Evans, British Civil List Pensioner, appointed directly by Queen Elizabeth II, Head of State. emyrone , +44 1792 446088, mobile +44 7497 710621, 26th May 1950, Craig Cefn Parc Wales, Office and Home Addresses 50 Rhyddwen Road Craig Cefn Parc, Swansea, SA6 5RA, Wales, Great Britain.

Page 03
Proposed Citation: for Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) Unified Field Theory and numerous contributions in physics, chemistry and mathematics in over two thousand publications.

Page 04
Education and Main Positions: In the attached cv1.pdf.

Page 05
Attached individual nomination

Page 06

Attached individual nomination.

Page 07

Major honours and awards in the attached CV1.pdf

Page 08
Support letters from Dr. Horst Eckardt, President of UPITEC, Dr Douglas Lindstrom and Dr Steve Bannister, must be written on formal letterheard, official institute stamps, and personal signature.

The nominator is Dr Gareth John Evans, Co President of AIAS, affiliated to Ceredigion County Council, garethjohnevans +44 1645 561286. Needs electronic signature, and official stamp of Ceredigion County Council needed, (a photocopy of Ceredigion County Council letterhead).

PAge 09



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