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This is a good idea, and I agree about the password protection to prevent link spamming.

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Hello Myron,

I suggest you write up a paper that can be posted as a pdf discussing the stats programs and how you use them to track website usage. I don’t have a good way to post text items on the website. Additionally the links to the stats pages are password protected, so no one can see what you are referring to. As we discussed they should not be generally visible.


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One of the main advantages is that it has an access details report (below) which shows which institution and so on is reading which item. I carefully filter this and other feedback software to build up the early morning report. It takes me about three hours each early morning to prepare the daily report, starting at about 4.30 or 5.00 am. WebLog was installed for in 2002 by the first webmaster, Bob Gray of Biophan Inc., Rochester, New York. Dave Burleigh built four items of feedback software which were used to build up “The Book of Scientometrics” from April 2004 to present. These scientometrics are in themselves hugely popular. Compared with this, the usual methods of using citations, and h and g indices are primitive.

Access Details Report: AIAS

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