FOR POSTING: Overall Activity Report (Full Lists): AIAS

This report was prepared by Dave Burleigh and is used to construct the half monthly and monthly reports in the filtered statistics section of There is an immensely long line of items being read, all of them detected by WebLog 2.53. Click on the link right at the bottom of the file to find a detailed description of WebLog 2.53, which has been used almost every day for fifteen years. This is one reason why I think that WebLog 2.53 is not only superior, but also very accurate and very consistent. Sean MacLachlan could use it for, that would show a huge amount of interest which is only partially recorded by webalizer at present. So our x factor (attached) underestimates our real impact. Dave Burleigh is a very reliable and diligent webmaster. The result is a historically unique measure over fifteen years of the impact of a major paradigm shift, which makes the entire system of standard physics obsolete, not only its ideas, but also its teaching methods and publication methods. It shows that entire professions reject the censorship of new, rigorously Baconian, physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering.

Overall Activity Report (Full Lists): AIAS


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