A Million Books Downloaded in 2016 / 2017

In 2016, 623,350 gigabytes were downloaded from www.upitec.com, and in the last eleven months 162,730 gigabytes have been downloaded from www.aias.us .This makes a total of 786.08 gigabytes. Using one printed page = 3,646 bytes (the usual daily conversion factor on the reports), this gives 215,600,000 printed pages downloaded. If it is assumed that a book is 200 printed pages, just for the sake of estimation, then about a million books or book equivalents were downloaded in a year. To hit gold on the New York Times best seller list one needs 468,000 copies sold in a year. To get on the bestseller list you need 156,000 books sold in a year. That would be books on fish and chips and popcorn, baseball and soccer. Our books are super heavy theoretical physics, and high brow prose and poetry. In contrast, half of all standard model papers are not read at all, not even by the favourite aunts of the authors. This shows that our open access system of research and teaching is an amazing success. It is refereed all the time by some bright people, in fact millions of bright people. I think I will draw up a list of facts such as this for the Wolf Prize. If they adhere to a policy of dogma and chips, they will be seen as acting in a less than entirely fair minded manner. Beethoven would never have been published today because he wasn’t conventionally refereed, and was not conventionally minded.

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