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This is a question for the authors of the feedback software, what do they record and what do they filter? Using four different feedback software packages for for July 2017 gives the following results.

1) WebLog 2.53 = 48,805 = x
2) Webalizer = 11,702 = x
3) Awstats = 7,041 = x
4) Statshow = 7,400 = x

These results are doubled for combined sites and to give:

5) WebLog 2.53 = 97,610
2) Webalizer = 23,404
3) Awstats = 14,082
4) Statshow = 14,800

As you know, Weblog 2.53 has been used consistently every day back to 2002. It would be interesting to use Weblog 2.53 for The last time Sean sent the webalizer feedback data for they recorded a lot more gigabytes downloaded than for WebLog 2.53 is more accurate than the other three because it obviously picks up more data. I noticed immediately that statshow fell far short of WebLog 2.53 for I also notice that the number of hits recorded for in July 2017 is 75,160 from WebLog 2.53 and 75,129 from Webalizer, almost exactly the same. This gives confidence in WebLog 2.53. It seems to be superior software, which is why I used it for x. The x factors for the above four programs are as above because we multiply by two for combined sites and divide by two authors. So to be very conservative (which is a good thing), our x factor ranges from 7,041 to 48,805 for July 2017. This cans all universities and other institutes of advanced study out of sight, reflecting our hard work and productivity, and the quality of our work, sustained since 2002. The second to us is M. I. T. Once again, many thanks for setting up and running the feedback software. This is of the utmost importance because it shows how our work is being received, and overwhelmingly accepted

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I checked statshow for and found it reports 7400 page views for July. The only program we have that reports a similar number is awstats It reports 7041 for July. I point this out because others will do the same comparison and wonder why your numbers are so far off. However, if you were to make the comparison of 7000 page views for 2 authors your reach would be higher than the rest. SO if they accept the premise you propose at least the comparison is apples to apples.


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Many thanks to webmaster Dave Burleigh, CEO of Annexa Inc. of Arizona, U. S. A., who does all this work voluntarily. Annexa Inc. is the host company of The work has paid off spectacularly, creating a cast worldwide impact. The x factor Comparative Table shows this beyond reasonable doubt.

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Added a link from your main page to the table saved in Filtered_Stats


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The factor x is accurately calculated with WebLog 2.53, using an average over 142 months

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