FOR POSTING: Updated Comparative Impact Table

I recalculated the page views per month for combined sites and using data from August 2005 to July 2017. There are two missing months: July and August 2013, due to a server crash, so there are 142 months of data. In those months 7,543,492 page views were recorded for by Weblog 2.53. So these data are consistently recorded by Weblog 2.53. The total of page views is doubled for combined sites and to give 15,086,984 page views in 142 months. This is an average of 106,246 page views a month for 142 months. The most meaningful comparison is with the famous Princeton Institute for Advanced Study, which recorded 103,740 page views last month. PIAS has forty two faculty and emeriti compared with two regular authors for AIAS / UPITEC. So the impact per author of AIAS / UPITEC is about twenty four times higher than PIAS, considered to be the best IAS in the world. The normalized measure of impact should be page views per month per regular author. The two regular authors are Horst Eckardt and myself, sometimes we are joined by others, as is well known internationally. There is no other research institute in Wales making our kind of impact of page views per month per author. The university colleges have many more faculty and post doctorals than we have. Bangor for example has about a thousand teaching staff and post doctorals. So its impact is about 316 page views per month per staff member. Ours is about fifty thousand page views per month per staff member.


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