Updated Version of Wolf Prize Nomination

There is no secrecy about the Wolf Prize nomination, generally seen to rank second to the Nobel Prize. I have been nominated several times for the Wolf Prize and the Nobel Prize, and these notes are intended to give the nominator, Dr. Gareth John Evans, and the three referees, a detailed account of my work over about forty six years of continuous productivity. The referees are Dr Horst Eckardt, Dr Douglas Lindstrom and Dr. Stephen Bannister, and they are very familiar with the work. In my opinion this is very important for any thorough assessment. I am the most prolific individual physicist and chemist in the world at present. The radically new ECE and ECE2 theories are now mainstream physics, with an unprecedented worldwide following. The standard model of physics has been made completely obsolete. The impact of ECE and ECE2 is known with great accuracy, there is no subjectivity left with which to affect an objective judgement. The Wolf Prize is usually given for standard physics, but it is generally accepted that standard physics is obsolete. The interest in ECE2 has just hit a new record high. I was appointed a Civil List Pensioner in 2005, so a lot of this work has been produced since 2005. I was appointed by the Prime Minister’s Office on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II personally, as a token of her gratitude, and of the State, for contributions to science. So my affiliation can be described as “British Government” at the highest level of Crown and Parliament. I have asked the nominator and referees whether they are prepared to act in this capacity, so I don’t take people for granted. They exercise their own individual judgments, they are vastly experienced and fully capable of understanding the work. There are very many excellent candidates for the Wolf Prize. Standard physics was a phase in the development of physics, not the ten commandments. Many thanks to all staff members and to all concerned. When so many people accept the new ECE physics, the old physics is obsolete and the new physics must be recognized. The purpose of prizes is to recognize merit accepted by the colleagues. I am the first Welsh speaker to be appointed a Civil List Pensioner, and the first U. S. dual citizen as far as I know.


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