FOR POSTING: Some Major Advantages of ECE Unified Field Theory

1) ECE is a unified field theory that uses the correct geometry by including torsion.
2) ECE is a rigorously Baconian theory that eliminates non Baconian indeterminacy, adjustables and unknowables – Pauli’s “not even wrong”, by which he meant “cannot be tested experimentally”.
3) ECE identifies at least eighty three errors in the Einstein theory of general relativity (EGR) and also produces all that Einstein could produce and more.
4) ECE explains energy from spacetime (ES) circuits with precision, and can be used to design ES, counter gravitational circuits and so on. The Maxwell Heaviside (MH) theory of the standard model is unable to explain ES circuits.
5) ECE unifies quantum mechanics and general relativity in a completely original way.
6) ECE has led to the discovery of retrograde precession, missing entirely from EGR.
7) ECE has made the major discovery that its lagrangian can produce both forward and retrograde orbital precessions, this is entirely new to both physics and mathematics.
8) The lagrangian methods of ECE and its field equations are rigorously self consistent, and rigorously obey the ECE antisymmetry laws.
9) ECE unifies gravitation, electromagnetism, and fluid dynamics within the same geometry.
10) ECE gives a plausible explanation for low energy nuclear reactors (LENR).
11) ECE refutes quantum electrodynamics, quantum chromodynamics, the electroweak theory and Higgs boson theory of standard physics, and introduces photon mass.
12) Many more advantages in about seven hundred papers and books produced since 2003 in English and Spanish translation. These are continuously consulted in up to 183 countries, by all the best universities, institutes, corporations, military organizations and individual scholars. It has its own system of publication, distance teaching and impact measurement (scientometrics), and has made an unprecedented impact on avant garde physics. It is systematically archived.

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