Fibre Optic Line

Many thanks, this is very useful information from Gareth because it proves that it is a faulty line, not a faulty router or computer. All the award winning work of the past fifteen years has been done via creaking lampposts and ancient copper lines. The infra structure of Mawr is in a terrible condition, vulnerable to lightning and high winds, the mindless over development imposes a strain on the infra structure. Lines are often cut by falling trees. However, almost all the work has been sent out all over the world, and is archived. The system seems to be OK for today but I will make another attempt at fixing it tomorrow. The connection could drop at any time.

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Subj: Re: Fibre Optic Line

I used to be with talk talk, now with BT. They installed the line free (with Government support I believe). You pay for the box / router etc. We went for Infinity 2 but it will cost around £60+ a month including unlimited broadband phone etc. I think you may also still pay for the old copper line (which they do not remove). Still waiting for our first bill to confirm this. Will get it removed later if need be.

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