My Poetry and Autobiography

These are very popular worldwide, and volume one of the autobiography is well liked around here. It is written in both languages, both in prose and in poetry. My work in literature is as important to me as my work in science. The poet R. S. Thomas worked on literature as well as being Rector of Manafon and Vicar of Aberdaron. He was a graduate of UCNW Bangor (its correct name) but did not have very much to do with the degree mills. He was nominated several times for a Nobel Prize in literature, but that did not mean much to him, he was far more concerned with conservation of the language. I am gravely concerned at the way in which people are isolated by language loss. It must be remembered that many prefer to speak Welsh and can hardly speak English. They regard government as being infinitely remote and totally uncaring. This is why I advocate my Bro Iaith policy, it is not sufficient merely to send children to Welsh schools, areas have to be created in which the population is almost entirely Welsh speaking, otherwise the children are pressurized, often illegally, into speaking English. John Jones Pen yr Heol Fach (1922 – 2017) was one of the last who could speak the older and ancient dialect of Welsh in Mawr. In his time, Mawr was almost completely destroyed by destruction of its industry, uncontrolled monoglot immigration, house price and land price inflation. This inflation is a classic bubble, it has no basis in industry. John Jones frequently lamented bitterly the loss of community and language and was very glad to see me almost every day, because he could then speak Welsh. He suffered from a bad back and fell and hit his head. He was taken to hospital but never recovered. R. S. Thomas was famous for writing about the ordinary people in his famous poetry, so I intend to try to honour them and commemorate them in the same way. No politician has cared anything about them fro many years. So Mawr has died around the self seekers. The Welsh Assembly must revive it, but above all the People must revive it. So passing the little house is going to be a ghostly experience. I mean that the ghosts are going to be friendly ones. They may not be here in one sense but they are here in another.

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