All the Colleges in Wales to Suffer Funding Cuts and Job Losses

I am not surpised at this because of their very low world rankings. These are heavily anglicised, colonizing organizations for the children of rich parents who live outside of Wales. They are diluted degree mills and money making machines. It looks as if universities are soon to be run by the foreign tories on a model taken from competitive industry, those which are the most profitable survive. This has nothing to do with scholarship or the ideal of the university as a place of learning. One can learn more and teach better in a coal miner’s house, at almost no cost to the tax payer. The number of school leavers in Wales itself is dropping, because of population decline in that age group, and all that is needed for Wales is one, small, truly Federal University which would not admit or employ anyone unless they were fluent Welsh speakers. Bangor for example will lose 170 jobs to save 8.5 million, and Aberystwyth will lose £11.4 million. Swansea, Cardiff, Cardiff Met, Glyndw^r and Trinity St. David will all lose funding. Is your Uni really necessary? Caerfyrddin is catching up with AIAS / UPITEC by offering Welsh language education with a super fast internet. This is the distance teaching pioneered by AIAS / UPITEC. The situation is the same now as in the eighties, when many departments at Aberystwyth and Bangor were closed, followed by departments at Swansea. None of the Vice Chancellors can speak a word of Welsh as far as I know, they are not fairly selected, they are appointed by cronyism, and are certainly not the best for the job, so that is great betrayal of the intentions of the National Eisteddfod in 1893: “There shall be a University in and for Wales” which does not sell courses to penguins in the Antarctic – The University of Wales at Cape Evans / Ross Ice Shelf / McMurdo Sound. I completely refuse to recognize the dissolution of the University of Wales by monoglot colonists, along with thousands of others loyal to the University, in Wales itself, and expatriates in many countries.

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