Original Manuscripts

These were nearly all produced since 2005, when I was appointed directly by the Head of State, Elizabeth II, and Parliament to a post as Civil List Pensioner, on recommendation of the Prime Minister. So these are State papers. They are being kept here at present on behalf of the the State. The Royal Library at Windsor recommended that they be kept in the Centre for Scientific Archives of the Science Museum in London on behalf of my employer, the Head of State and on behalf of the State. In precedent the papers of the Poets Laureate are kept at Windsor, a small library. I am trying to get in touch with CSA at present. However, I prefer to keep the papers in Wales, and the Miners’ Library would be ideal. I was appointed a Civil List Pensioner in 2005, and raised to the Gentry in 2008 as an Armiger or Squire. My coat of arms is on www.aias.us. Being a Squire does not mean owning a large amount of land, it means the bearer of a coat of arms, Armiger in Latin, and by precedent of the Tudor era Jurist Sir Edward Coke, a member of the Gentry by letters patent, i. e. on merit. My entire family were coal miners, and I am a fluent first language Welsh speaker and U. S. dual citizen.

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