Archiving the Papers

This is the final stage of an archiving process that has been going on for about fifteen years, involving the magnificent efforts of many volunteers both sides of the Atlantic. They are all electronically archived already on,, (Wayback Machine) and (British website archives). So in a sense the combined sites and contain State papers since 2005. They could be seen as State papers of both Britain and the United States, because I am a dual citizen, the first dual citizen to be appointed a Civil List Pensioner. Many U. S. citizens are also granted arms by Letters patent. Archiving is of the utmost importance. I know this from my interest in genealogy and autobiography. Almost all of my papers and books since 1971 have been archived, and all my books are in the National Library of Wales, but many original manuscripts of the multiple award winning Room 262 group were lost in the chaos following the closure of the EDCL. Gareth Evans tried to have them stored by giving them for safe keeping to Trinity College Dublin. If they are still there I might be able to find them. A lot of my School notes have been archived, back to 1962. This is a rare example of extant records of Pontardawe Grammar School, now closed and demolished, another fiasco. In the chaos following UNCC, my entire output of poetry was almost lost, but painstakingly restored. It is now read in up to 182 countries, both in Welsh and English.

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