Antisymmetry for Forward Precession

As in proof of antisymmetry for the retrograde precession, I will make a simple first calculation by assuming a Newtonian potential in the first approximation, then work out the timelike part of the spin connection. Retrograde precession appears from the Euler Lagrange equation using the position vector bold r as the proper Lagrange variable. Forward precession appears from the same lagrangian using X and Y as the proper Lagrange variables. Here,

bold r = X bold i + Y bold j

This is a completely original and unexpected result, both in mathematics and in physics, one of the numerous discoveries of the AIAS / UPITEC Institute. The antisymmetry laws enter in to consideration when use is made of the complete field equations. The orbits must satisfy the complete ECE2 gravitational field equations as well as the Euler Lagrange equations (in fact discovered by Hamilton from his Principle of Least Action using the true Euler equation). Euler, Lagrange and Hamilton were three of the best mathematicians in the history of science.

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